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· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

We have released our official TourLife iOS app!

While TourLife has always been available as a PWA on iOS devices, having the official app listed in the Apple App Store will greatly improve the user experience when looking for and installing TourLife on iOS devices. On top, the iOS app supports Notifications, something we weren't able to bring to the iOS platform before.

iOS thumbnails

To install TourLife on your iOS device, simply head over to the Apple App Store and install the app.

App Store Screenshot

The app brings definitive advantages to your iOS device over using TourLife in the browser

  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to download files from TourLife
  • Ability to save TourLife contacts to your Contacts, and import from your Contacts to TourLife

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

As usual, TourLife upgrades to the latest Angular version on the day of its release! Keeping TourLife at the latest & greatest version is very important to us. For more details on the new features in Angular 13, have a look at their blog post.

Enjoy TourLife, now running on Angular 13!

· 2 min read
Nils Tijtgat

A much requested feature was the ability to share information that's in TourLife with external people who don't have a TourLife account. Maybe you have somebody that replaces your FOH Engineer that one time, or you want to share your callsheet, setlist, guestlist and roster with the venue you'll be playing in? No worries, we have you covered with the release of this new feature.

Public Page Empty Page

The UI allows you to configure the Public Page exactly as you want it: you can share information on a granular level to make sure only that what you want to share will be available!

Public Page Edit Page

It doesn't stop there, you can configure as many public pages per event as you like to accomodate your entire crew, every member of staff of the venue or festival you're playing, and who knows ... your brother, cat, ...? Go crazy!

Public Page Multiple Pages

Once you've configured these public pages, you can share the URL directly with those you want to have access to this information. The resulting web page is fully responsive, so looks great on your mobile phone or 4K display.

Public Page Web View

Have fun with this new feature!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

Google has just released Angular 12, the latest and greatest version of their Javascript framework and we managed to deploy this new version to production one day after its global release! TourLife is entirely built in Angular so upgrading to this latest version this fast shows keeping TourLife up to date is one of our number one proirities. This ensures we adhere to state-of-the-art best practices and and our end users enjoy the fastest, most robust experience available today.

Enjoy TourLife, now running on Angular 12!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

This latest new feature makes sure your TourLife instance feels like a personal space. By default, the Event Wall is built using default band-related images. This will obviously never really feel perfectly tailored to your act, so what better than uploading pictures of your own shows to generate a very custom and personalized wall? Below is an example of a personalized Event Wall:

Personalized Event Wall

Getting started with this feature couldn't be easier. As an Admin, head over to your Admin Panel and click 'Band Images'. The page will allow you to choose and upload images from your computer.

All required resizing and processing is handled by TourLife, so you should have a preview of the images you selected ready in a heartbeat. Browse through the preview wall, delete those images you feel don't fit in the collection and you're good to go!

Custom Images Admin

Go out, explore and have fun with this new feature. We can't wait to see what you do with it!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

One of the first feature requests we got from clients using TourLife after launching was the addition of a Calendar view for events. This felt like a natural improvement to the initial he Event Wall and list overview, so we decided to go ahead and build this. Today we are proud to present the first iteration of our Calendar view!

Calendar View

We are eagerly awaiting your feedback, as you are ultimately the end-user we build our application for. Your feedback helps us build a tool tailored to your specific needs. A few improvements are already planned, so be on the look-out for changes over the next few weeks.

One other feature we would like to highlight here is the Calendar Sync. You can automatically sync every event in TourLife to your preferred calendar. The small dialog that opens when you click 'Calendar Sync' above the calendar view explains how you can easily configure this sync.

Calendar Sync

Have fun with both new features!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

Managing events comes with managing a lot of information. Structuring that information helps when you can add headings, drop some of that info in a list or sometimes just highlighting something helps emphasize what's really import. You asked for the ability to do this in a visual way, we upgraded and improved our input fields to now feature a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.


We have added this to every current input field, and will be adding this to every new input field. Looking forward to see what you can do with this new feature!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

Google has just released Angular 9, the latest and greatest version of their Javascript framework. TourLife is entirely built in Angular, and upgrading to this latest version the day it releases shows we care for state-of-the-art technology when developing software.

Deploying the latest version of the framework we run on demonstrates two things:

  • Our tech stack, processes and testing are flexible enough to support a same-day production release of our application on the day Google publishes the latest version of Angular. Many software companies struggle to roll out major upgrades smoothly, either because the codebase is not in a good shape, because the processes to roll out code are slow or sluggish or a myriad of other reasons. We strive for the exact opposite: getting high quality code to our users as soon as we can, while not jeopardizing the robustness of our platform.

  • We care about delivering the best experience to you, our user. The latest version of Angular ships with a bunch of improvements that make our application faster than ever before. TourLife on a mobile device just became faster again, which is a great thing!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

Today, we have released a new feature aimed at making planning your next show or event even easier! TourLife now features a Venue database that you can use to assign venues to your events. The below video gives a short overview of what you can do with the new feature.

We have made it easy to both create new venues in TourLife, as well as providing all features required to be able to conveniently update existing venues. The current venue database holds about 500 venues in Belgium and The Netherlands, but we will be expanding the total selection soon. As more and more people start using the application, the data in TourLife will become more complete and accurate every day! Have a look at the below video to see how easily we can create a new venue, and then edit it to update it with the latest information.

This demonstrates in a nutshell what you can do with venues in TourLife. We have much more to come, stay tuned!

· One min read
Nils Tijtgat

Today marks the first day that TourLife is available in production and on all platforms. After a long time of developing the core features that make up TourLife and verifying those features actually help managers, tour managers and musicians on the road, we have finally officially released!

TourLife is currently available as a web application in every modern browser. Mobile users can use the Android app as published in the Play Store, and as a PWA on iOS (instructions on how to install on iOS are in TourLife). Have fun with our new platform!